Festina Lente_Attic Room salerno

A romantic attic room in the historic area of Salerno, in southern Italy.
This one level apartment is divided into two main sections, in one a large open plan living area with living and kitchenette; on the other side the main bedroom with bathroom and built in wardrobe.
The fireplace in the living room was renovated using original materials: terracotta, handmade stone and bricks.
The kitchenette area was remodelled to include modern metal shelving as storage and as an interesting feature to hide other storage areas in the lower part of the roof.
The interior design is complimented by the new refurbished walls which give a mood of comfort to the apartment. The distressed effect on the walls, with layers of sea-blue/petrol-green and gold leaf keep the sense of a historic apartment but with a contemporary design. The entire attic complete with original wood beam has been painted white to create a sense of space, which complements the minimal furniture to make the room light and open.
The strong tone of colors on the walls and the white of the ceiling/flooring creates an interesting ambience.